Hamburger Original

How many colors are in the blue hour?



At our smallest bar, you’ll find everything optime, all is superb. It’s no secret society, but the bar bleu is limited in space – which is not to say restricted.


Smoking, for one, is allowed here. Not to mention the selection of outstanding cocktails, wine, and champagne, our flair for making an impression with our expertise. What curious concoction is streaming from our barkeeper’s creative mind?


Before long one wonders, is it already so soon? So absorbed was one in people and their stories, released from the structures of time.


This is a bar that displays the color of the most beautiful hour in its name. And that knows many more enchanting hues.




Daily: open from 6.00 pm





Stadthausbrücke 10
20355 Hamburg

T +494033441400 

EN Passant


  • Designed by Kate Hume
  • Approx. 34 qm
  • For approx. 30 people
  • Timeless luxury smokers lounge
  • Signature cocktails, outstanding wines, great champagne selection and a variety of specialty spirit
the best smokers bar in hamburg bar bleu with fancy cocktails and cigars
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