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The dream is serene – and the suite complete. TORTUE invites you to choose from rooms, suites and long stay apartments in seven categories.


All of the senses are met with their own essentials: the sense of peace’s idle tranquility. The sense of adventure’s entertainment system and an instant connection to anywhere on earth. The sense of relaxation’s generous bath area with specially selected cosmetics. The sense of indulgence’s well stocked minibar including coffee and tea service. Each and everyone is well looked after.


The only thing left for the room is for you to choose it, and the fascination it holds for you. Expand your standards and explore the deepest reaches of TORTUE.


Our rooms, from 22 up to 72 square meters, each with high ceilings, balconies, and extra-long beds – take you to a new world of time. A time of prosperity, your individual high culture.



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