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Do you know the world’s most endangered spirits?



You probably haven’t had the chance to have every renowned international drink conveyed to your senses. But shouldn’t one try? One could – at TORTUE.


Our bars reveal the answer: The bar noir, the bar bleu. Classically serving at night or open all day. The offerings at all of them will shatter the usual expectations.


The object for our portfolio of beverages, all outstanding in selection and quality, is refinement. It’s in the mix. Even the ambiance resonates with the stirring of your senses. And the service renders the invisible unmistakable.


Our bars provide a befitting private atmosphere, delirious or discreet, no matter how close you keep your company. Or choose the promise, the outset, as the goal. Both belong to the bars at TORTUE.


Find your own answer to the lavish service of our bars. At well-nigh any time of day or night. Tasteful or daring. Or vice versa.