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Do you prefer to stay out of context?



TORTUE features 126 rooms and suites, and you as the guest. Only the future knows what will happen in the meantime. Or when it happens. Our house awaits the moment when the myth finds its form.


Leave your imprint. You decide which era by defining, first and foremost, the present. You are the muse for TORTUE’s personal and common spaces. You are the hotel’s reason, as well as its (im)passionate unreason. 


It’s about the passion of making milestones. From days long gone to just the other night, and all the magical times in between. All leading up to a house that breathes love in even the smallest details.


We understand your personal grammar. Which indulgence is the subject? Which is the object? Where and when do expressions turn into gestures, and gestures into fulfillment?


At TORTUE, every event is familiar with all of our 126 rooms and suites. And with you.



Our Special for you


  • From Euro 80 per person
  • Inclusive "breakfast grand"
  • Room Upgrade on availability
  • TORTUE COCKTAIL in the bar noir
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Complimentary minibar
  • Complimentary coffee and tea in the room
  • Arrival from 2nd of March 2019


Booking or +4940334414001 or directly here